Places of Interest

1. Musée des arts d'Afrique et d'Asie

Unique collections in Auvergne of fine arts, photography, sacred art, ethnography, music, contemporary creation: the museum illustrates the artistic diversity of civilizations in Africa and Asia but also in Oceania and America.  Every year, temporary exhibitions tell the story of the world of yesterday and today.  There is a fun route for families with creative workshops.

2. La Maison Décoret

La Maison Décoret, has a 1* Michelin restaurant, 5* personalized rooms, a boutique and cellar.  It is the most intimate of the Relais & Châteaux establishments in France.  The Chef, Best Worker of France, organizes cooking classes.  Culinary creations are an invitation to discover the natural splendours of the Auvergne and the “art de vivre” of Vichy, with pairings of dishes, wines and waters, unique in the universe of the high gastronomy.

3. Museé de l’Opéra

The Opera Museum, the only one of its kind in the province, preserves and enhances the archives of the Vichy Opera.  Each year, it offers a thematic exhibition that recreates the history of the spa’s musical seasons.  In 2021, the museum dedicated its exhibition to Camille Saint-Saëns for the centennial of his death.

4. Galerie Napoléon III

The surviving remains of the second class spa establishment, built in 1858 by the British architect Charles Badger.

5. Avenue de Russie

A boulevard of villas showing Vichy’s eclectic side in matters of architecture.

6. Rue de Belgique

Villas in various styles and with different cultural references.

7. Source de l'Hôpital

The place where the Source de l’Hôpital emerges.  The spring takes its name from the proximity of a former XVIIIth century hospital.

Vichy - la source de l_Hôpital©Jérôme Mondière

8. Maison Albert Londres

Neo-medieval style house in which the poet, journalist and reporter Albert Londres (1884-1932) was born.

9. «Castel Franc»

XVIth century city bailiff’s office, built on the old city walls.

Vichy Castel Franc

10. Riviére Allier

An important trading thoroughfare which saw the rise of a watermen’s guild that was very active in the XVth century.

11. Madame de Sévigné

The marquise, a famous devotee of spa treatments, stayed in Vichy twice, in 1676 and 1677.

12. Passage Giboin

The passage Giboin is the most beautiful of the city's many passages.  Covered and full of charm, it was built in 1888 on the site of the former garden of the Mombrun hotel.