Leisure & Excursions

Cusset: Museum of the prison tower and underground passages

This museum traces the history and urban development of Cusset in one of the last vestiges of the imposing fortifications built in the 15th century at the request of Louis XI.

Billy: Fortress and medieval village

This military fortress dominates the Allier valley and attracts thousands of visitors every year, who wander through the narrow streets of the village to see its remains.  Guides will explain the long history of the Bourbon lords during guided tours.

Châtel-Montagne: Church and Artist's village

The charming village of Châtel-Montagne, perched on a hilltop, is home to one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Auvergne. Discover some artists' workshops, the "chemin d'étonnement" and the Romanesque Art space at the Tourist Office.

Laprugne: Plateau of  La-Lodge-des-Gardes

Located in the Assise forest, many winter sports and summer leisure activities are available here.  It is in this forest, in the middle of hundred-year-old trees, that the Druidic Stones are hidden.

Pierre Châtel and Hêtres totueux

La Pierre Châtel, a rocky escarpment and a picturesque place, offers one of the most beautiful views of the Montagne Bourbonnaise.

Saint-Nicolas-des-Biefs: Peat bogs of the plateau de la verrerie

A real paradise for many species, some of which date back to the Ice Age, this plateau with its wild atmosphere, surrounded by mountain moors, offers magnificent views of the Roannais, the Alps and Auvergne.

Saint-Clement Lake

A leisure centre for water sports activities, offering all its visitors family-friendly leisure activities in an environment conducive to relaxation and rest.  It is classified as a large inland mountain lake. Certified "Tourism and Disability".

Lavoine: Saint Vincent Rock

As the guardian of places steeped in history, standing above the Sichon Valley, the Saint-Vincent rock is one of the most typical natural sites in the Bourbonnaise Mountains.  It offers a remarkable panoramic view.

Lavoine: Bois noirs forest and montoncel

The highest point of the Allier department at 1287m, the Puy de Montoncel offers a 360° view.  To access it, walk through the Bois Noirs forest, one of the oldest forests of pectin fir in Europe, which favours the development of a remarkable flora and fauna.  This natural area is a playground for nature activities.  It is home to the Montoncel hostel and the largest mountain bike area in France.

Lavoine: Ball clock

The largest ball and water clock in the world is located in the village square in Lavoine.  Occupying a space of more than 30m², this clock was made of 95% wood.

Ferrieres-sur-Sichon: Glozel

This museum presents more than 2500 pieces of baked clay, stone and bone, discovered since 1924.  A large part of the collection contains enigmatic inscriptions that are still being deciphered.

Ferrieres-sur-Sichon: Montgilbert Castel

In a wild site, the imposing ruins of the 13th century castle, a military stronghold of the Bourbons, have been the subject of conservation work for several years by volunteer work camps.  The greatest caution is recommended when visiting the site.

Arrones: Cluniac church and its medieval garden

This characterful village was built around its 11th century Cluniac church.  On the south side of the building, a medieval garden and the Prior's house, known as the Gamet house, tell of the installation and life of the Cluniacs at the priory of Arrones.


In a setting of industrial buildings, the Electrodrome conservatory presents electrification and its history.  Its guides tell the story of the genesis of the many objects in the museum and the impact on daily life of the arrival of the 'Electricity Fairy' in one of the first electrified villages in France.

Saint-Germain-des-Fosses: Priory

In Auvergne Romanesque style, the priory is a Cluniac site belonging to the Benedictine order.  Numerous events take place there from May to September: concerts, exhibitions, theatre, treasure hunts and conferences.

Bellerive-sur-Allier: Intermittent Source

The shady park of the Intermittent Spring has the particularity of a spring gushing out at regular intervals.  Since it was drilled in January 1844, it has been delivering water at 29.7°  for 45 minutes every four hours.

Sensitive Natural Area: Boire des Carres

A former branch of the river, the Boire des Carrés comes back to life when it reconnects with the Allier at high water.  This site is a real natural setting combining alluvial forest, meadows, lawns and small islands.

Via Allier

From St-Yorre to Billy, the greenway allows users to walk along the banks of the Allier for 27 kilometres. The comfortable, safe, 3 metre wide paths are accessible to mountain bikes and mountain biking.  In addition to this greenway, discovery loops of 6 to 12 km will allow you to take additional routes to discover the varied atmosphere and landscapes of picnic areas by the water or in wooded and natural areas.

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