Places of Interest Fascinating Spa

A tiny town with a population of a little over ten thousand, Spa has more appeal than many large cities.  The reputation of the tradition of thermal baths is such that its name is used as a common name throughout the world.  A must-visit for numerous famous visitors, a Formula 1 Grand Prix at the most beautiful track in the world, prestigious hotels, luxuriant natural surroundings, a subsoil immersed with water of an immeasurable quality, Spa is the place to be.

1. Pouhon

Pouhon Pierre-le-Grand houses the most prolific spring in Spa, naturally fizzy, full of mineral salts and rich in iron.

2. Old thermal Bath

A vast magnificent eclectic style building, it helped Spa to reach the cutting-edge of progress.

3. Sauvenière spring

The Sauvenière spring has a high degree of iron and has a reputation for curing anaemia and certain forms of infertility.

4. Tonnelet spring

Part of the complex that includes the Marie-Henriette spring which supplies the present-day spa.

5. Waux Hall

Remnant of the first golden age of Spa, considered to be the oldest casino in Europe still in place.

6. Casino complex

The present-day casino is built on the site where the very first "maison d’assemblée" was erected.

7. Léopold II Gallery and its pavilions

A covered walkway in the Parc de Sept-Heures which  allows visitors to shelter from bad weather.

8. Parc de Sept-Heures

The place to “see and be seen” at seven in the evening.

9. Villa Royale

Last place of residence of Queen Marie-Henriette, today the Villa Royale is occupied by the Musée de la Ville d’Eaux.

10. Hotel Balmoral

A typical Anglo-Norman style construction, the Hotel Balmoral is the only establishment in Spa that has always been a hotel.

11. Villa San Antonio

 The villa is typical of Meuse-style holiday resort architecture as much for its appearance as the choice of materials.

12. Villa Le Soyeureux

Successfully integrated into the surrounding landscape, it alone embodies the spirit of the neighbourhood.

13. Promenade des Montagnes Russes and “de Hesse-Rhinfels” pavilion

This promenade leads you to one of the most impressive view points in Spa.

14. Promenade Meyerbeer

Bridges, benches and resting places along the path, are named after the operas of this composer.

15. Cemetery

Picturesque place where leading figures, artists writers and members of British community are buried.

16. Ice Rooms

The high concentration of these ice rooms can only be explained by the large-scale hotel activity of Spa.