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City of festivals

Karlovy Vary is a pulsating heart of culture, enjoy with all your senses.  Events include a spa tradition of colonnade concerts with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.  The importance of the International Film Festival reaches far beyond the Central Europe with filmmakers from all around the world.  You can also experience an impressive festival of light that combines state-of-the-art technology with the city's unique architecture.

Opening of the spa season

The annual Opening of the Spa Season is an important event in Karlovy Vary.  You can look forward to an extensive cultural and social programme during the opening in early May.  Charles IV, the founder of the town himself, is coming with his suite in "Charles IV procession", which is a traditional part of the Opening of the Spa Season in Karlovy Vary.  Following a long tradition, mineral springs are blessed so that they can keep restoring the visitors to Karlovy Vary to health.

The International Film Festival

If you want to see the biggest and most famous spa in the Czech Republic in a totally different light than during the rest of the year, you should visit during the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.  There is also an extensive supporting programme, concerts, parties and many performances.

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The Karlovy Vary Folklore Festival

Visitors of all ages, from children to senior citizens, have the opportunity to dance, sing or just listen to rhythms and melodies from around the world and watch the dancers in a variety of folk costumes on stage during the festival.

Dvořák Autumn

Antonín Dvořák, who lived and worked in Karlovy Vary is probably the most famous Czech composer.  One of the oldest music festivals in Europe, which is held during the beautiful Karlovy Vary autumn, bears his name.


Siningvary is Karlovy Vary's Festival of Light.  The audiovisual show will mesmerize you with the unique night atmosphere of the spa centre.

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