A perfect day in Karlovy Vary

Here are our ideas for you to create an unforgettable day in Karlovy Vary.

8-10 a.m.

You can enjoy breakfast either in your hotel, or in one of the beautiful coffee shops in the centre of town, where you can have whatever you like: bagel, whipped eggs, salad, donuts or cakes.

10:30-12 a.m.
Tour of the historical centre of the town

A beautiful tour along river Teplá starts from the hotel Thermal – a well known hotel, where Karlovy Vary International Film Festival takes place every year.  It starts with the Park Colonnade placed in Dvořák’s park, continues with the monumental stone Mill colonnade – the main and most well-known sight in Karlovy Vary.  Next there's the romantic wooden Market colonnade and in front of it the Hot spring colonnade, where you can find the hottest spring in our town.  In all the colonnades you can taste our springs.

Trip in Karlovy Vary

12-1 p.m.

You can have lunch in one of many restaurants along river Teplá, where you can enjoy the view of charming art-nouveau architecture.

Lunch in Karlovy Vary

1-2 p.m.
Lookout tower Diana

After lunch you can visit the Diana lookout tower.  You can go there by a funicular or walk up the hill.  You will see whole town and surroundings from the lookout tower, where there is also a mini zoo, a butterfly house, where there are real butterflies about 23 cm big and also a restaurant.  Make the most of the landscape with a walk down the hill and enjoy the spectacular spa forests around our town, with view points over the town or, again, use the funicular.

Mini ZOO at Diana area

2-4 p.m.

Explore one of Karlovy Vary's many museums.   You can take a tour under the Hot Spring Colonnade, where you can see how Karlovy Vary stone roses are made, or visit the museum of Karlovy Vary - the exhibition History and Wildlife of the Karlovy Vary Region will show you round the history of the town.  Another very attractive place to visit is newly renovated Becherovka visitor’s center where you will learn about the history of this great herbal liquor or Museum and Glasswork Moser, where you will see how the famous Czech crystal is made.

Moser shopping gallery

4-6 p.m.

After a long day you can visit one of our public spas or even a beer spa.  You can rest and relax in the salt cave, the swimming pool or enjoy some procedures such as classical massage, mineral bath or oxygen therapy.


7-12 p.m.

Karlovy Vary is filled with cultural events.  You can enjoy an organ concert in the church, a Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra concert in the Grandhotel Ambassador or the colonnade, you can also visit the town Theatre or a cinema.  Some of our hotels also offer dance nights with live music.  After some kind of culture, if you still have some energy, you can end the evening in a pub with a glass of local beer, cocktail or some fine wine.