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Bad Kissingen

Focal point: mental health and a healthy lifestyle

Regardless of whether you come to Bad Kissingen for prevention, regeneration or rehabilitation: the medical focus is on the themes of mental health and a healthy lifestyle. Our main goal is to strengthen your mental and emotional resilience. Whether you are generally healthy or acutely stressed, we have a wide range of offers to help you relax, recuperate and regain energy. However, even if you are already ill: mental strength always plays a central role particularly in our 19 specialist and rehabilitation clinics. Therefore, you can trust in the proven interaction of classical spa culture and health-promoting activities, alternative therapies and modern medicine.

Time out in a unique landscape

The many offers and treatments in Bad Kissingen make it easy for you to do something good for your health here. For example, treat yourself to our soothing healing springs – as a drink served daily in the Brunnenhalle, or as a bath in our wonderful KissSalis thermal baths. Discover the power of nature in our gardens and parks or during a day excursion in the surrounding region or the Rhoen biosphere reserve. Sports and games are especially fun in verdant Bad Kissingen. The “Path of Reflection” or the barefoot labyrinth in the Luitpoldpark provide the perfect setting for you to practice mindfulness and train your senses.

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Bad Kissingen healing waters

Seven healing springs with a high mineral content rise in and around Bad Kissingen and are the basis for its reputation as a world-class spa. As early as 500 years ago, doctors recognized their healing, soothing, and preventive effects, which today have been scientifically proven. Each of these springs is unique in its composition, with effects that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The healing waters from the Rakoczy, Pandur, “old” Luitpoldsprudel , Max fountain, and the Kissinger springs are administered as drinks. This treatment helps to regulate digestion, respiratory tract disorders, exhaustion and anemia. The waters from the “new” Luitpoldsprudel, Runder fountain and the Schönbornsprudel are used for bathing. They also feed the pools at the KissSalis thermal baths. Healing waters are also used for inhalation at the Gradierwerk and in the Kneipp pools.

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Bad Kissingen thermal spa kisssalis

Movement, cold and warm applications as well as all-round relaxation are the four basic building blocks of the KissSalis philosophy. The focus in this thermal pool is on well-being and relaxation, health and regeneration. Here you can find water in its most pleasant form in a water landscape of more than 1,000 m² – fed from the ‘Schönbornsprudel’ (Schönborn spring). Enjoying weightlessness in the intensive saltwater pool is a memorable experience.

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Rest and recuperation

Sometimes our body, mind or spirit are no longer strong enough to face life’s challenges. That can lead to stress-related conditions such as burnout, sleeping problems or cardiovascular diseases. Such conditions can greatly reduce our quality of life and cause anxiety in those who suffer from them. Strengthening resilience is very important in addition to specialized medical care. Especially for stress-related illnesses, targeted treatment can provide vital support and activate your self-healing powers. Step by step, optimism and joy return to your life. And if you have a serious chronic illness, treatments and activities to strengthen your mind can help to relieve burdensome symptoms and help you cope with them and integrate them into your life.

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Bad Kissingen is one of two locations of the Ayurveda Centre Germany. Here, authentic Ayurveda is practised according to the concept and tradition of the medical direction of the Vaidja family Madukkakuzhy. The treatments mainly relate to aspects of body, soul, mind, social relationships and environment. The traditional treatments by experienced therapists give new strength, energy and alleviate chronic complaints.

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