A Perfect  Day in Baden bei Wien

9 a.m.
Kurpark Baden

The day begins with a coffee in Baden’s Kurpark, which is one of the largest in Europe. Alongside the Beethoven Temple with a magnificent view over the city, you stroll down to the historic baths ensemble and reach the historic centre.

2.1_Perfect Day_9am_1_©Stadtgemeinde Baden_Christian Dusek

10 a.m.

In the Beethovenhaus you encounter the great composer who wrote significant parts of his 9th symphony here, stroll on to Arnulf Rainer Museum, one of the most recognized contemporary artists in the world, whose body of work is housed in a historic bathing temple and walk towards the Rosarium, Austria's largest rose garden.

2.1_Perfect Day_10am_1_Arnulf Rainer Museum_©Arnulf Rainer Museum, Foto Kollektiv Fischka

12 a.m.
Schloss Weikersdorf

Aperitif and lunch on the rose terrace at Schloss Weikersdorf. Surrounded by 900 varieties of roses, you can experience garden design at the highest quality and immerse yourself in the open-air photo exhibition La Gacilly, which runs through the whole of Baden. Spectacular photos by international photographers adorn the facades of houses and parks.

2.1_Perfect Day_12am_1_©Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf

2 p.m.

A quick dip in the cold water at the historic Thermalstrand (Lido) with Austria's largest sandy beach and a unique view of the Rauhenstein ruins and the Vienna Woods. Water slides, wave pools and palm islands invite you to have fun in the baths and the healing thermal water in the sulphur pools provides perfect relaxation. Pure summer feeling!

2.1_Perfect Day_14pm_©Stadtgemeinde Baden, Rainer Mirau

4 p.m.
Vienna Woods

If you like horses, visit the classic harness racing track with or without a hat or hike into the cool Vienna Woods, refresh yourself at the Schwechat in the much-lauded Helenental. Bicycle tours and hiking trails offer you a unique experience of nature.

2.1_Perfect Day_16pm_©Stadtgemeinde Baden, Trabrennverein

8 p.m.
Heurigen (wine taverns)

And in the evening? People like to meet friends and guests at the Heurigen (wine taverns), sample the excellent wines, go to the Sommerarena for a lively operetta or have thrilling gaming fun at the Casino Baden. The people of Baden love the special lifestyle of their city!

2.1_Perfect Day_20pm_2_©Bühne Baden_Christian Husar