Leisure & Excursions

Beautiful views from lookout towers

The spa woods surrounding the city are intertwined with more than 130 km of tourist paths.  Along their routes, you will find numerous arbours, rest areas, and other smaller structures.  The most sought-after destinations on these walks mainly include lookout points and towers that offer a marvellous view of the city and its surroundings.  The most popular is the Diana Observation Tower, which is accessible by a funicular from the Grandhotel Pupp. From there you can take a walk along marked tourist paths to other vista points and towers, such as the Charles IV Lookout, the Deer Jump, etc.

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New experiences every day

Venture out among sika deer and fallow deer in the forest game enclosure, seek out adventure and float down the Ohře River, peek under the elbows of the master glassworkers, and be cultured in the gallery, museum, or theatre.  And what about the children?  You can entertain, amuse, and tire out your kids on playgrounds, sports grounds, cycle paths, in forests, and in parks.  Many sites are adapted to their needs here, all you need do is to choose according to your mood.  Karlovy Vary is always in a good mood. It will bring a smile to the lips of you and your whole family.

Religious sites

Above the Hot Spring Colonnade, you will find the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene (1736), which is among the country’s most notable historical monuments of the Baroque Era.  While visiting the church, you should not miss the unique funeral crypt in the original Gothic underground, which houses the skeletal remains from the former cemetery.  The Orthodox Church of Saint Peter and Paul (1898) is also worth seeing.  Another major structure is the Pseudo-Gothic Anglican Church of Saint Lucas, which was constructed with the financial support of English spa guests.

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Karlovy Vary – A Golf Destination

Golf was first introduced to Karlovy Vary in the early 20th century. Today, you will find 4 high quality golf courses in Karlovy Vary and its close surroundings.  In the entire Karlovy Vary Region, six out of the 10 golf courses are 18- hole, three are 9-hole, and the last one offers 18 holes with 9 teeing grounds.  Among them, you will also find champion golf courses that often host major golf tournaments.  All offer practice areas, adequate club facilities for golfers, as well as accompanying services, such as equipment rental, pro shops, or personal coaches.

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Excursions, museums & galleries

The vast majority of historic sites within and outside Karlovy Vary are open all year.  The most popular include the Jan Becher Museum, the Hot Spring Undeground, Moser Glassworks, Karlovy Vary Museum, House of Wax, Butterfly House, Christmas House, or the Karlovy Vary Gallery.  An abundant programme is regularly prepared by the local observatory and Becher‘s Villa Interactive Gallery.

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