A perfect day in Bad Kissingen

Here are our ideas for you, how to create an unforgettable day in Bad Kissingen.

10:00 a.m.
Unesco city tour

Magnificent architecture, living traditions and perfectly preserved structures still bear witness to Bad Kissingen's importance as a great European spa town. But what distinguishes these "Great Spa Towns of Europe" and which of their attributes are still characteristic for Bad Kissingen? What is the European spa phenomenon, and how has it influenced the structure of the spa town? On this guided tour you will learn how King Ludwig I paved the way for the European spa town and walk in the footsteps of this cultural heritage. You will learn about the importance of our spa facilities and the spa garden, of our 'Brunnenfrauen' and our spa orchestra.

Gästeführung Gruppe I (c) Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH_Foto Ingo Peters

12:00 p.m.
Franconian lunch

Bad Kissingen is the perfect place to enjoy traditional Franconian cuisine. Whether newly interpreted or in the traditional way - it is always a treat for the palate.

Kulinarik Genuss (c) Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH_Foto Ingo Peters

1:30 p.m.
Ride with Dampferle to graduation tower

The ‘Kissingen’ is a true veteran dating from 1924, with a riveted hull. It was joined by the ‘Saline’ in 1964. The two steamboats run alternately from the ‘Rosengarten’ (rose garden) to the saltworks. From there, the tour continues with a brief walk to the ‘Gradierwerk’, or out of town to the Bismarck Museum.

Dampferle (c) Saaleschiffahrt GmbH Bad Kissingen, Philipp Kreil

3:30 p.m.
Staatsbad Philharmonie Kissingen Concert

The Staatsbad Philharmonie Kissingen, a 13-member professional orchestra, impresses audiences today with its high level of musical talent and artistry as well as its impressive range and versatility. Depending on the occasion, it can play as a classical ball orchestra or as a big band orchestra – with repertoires to match.

Mood Bratsche (c) Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH_Foto Benjamin Kiesel (1)

4:45 p.m
Tasting the various healing waters

As long as 500 years ago, doctors recognised the benefits of Bad Kissingen’s medicinal waters, which are aerated and rich in minerals. They are scientifically proven to have a healing, alleviating and prophylactic effect. In the ‘Brunnenhalle’ the ‘Brunnenfrauen’ (female assistants) pour out the waters several times a day. While you are consciously drinking the water, you can ‘wander’ through the large hall.

Heilwasserausschank (c) Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH_Foto Heji Shin

5:30 p.m.
KissSalis Therme and dinner

Movement, cold and warm applications as well as all-round relaxation are the four basic building blocks of the KissSalis philosophy. The focus in this thermal pool is on well-being and relaxation, health and regeneration. Here you can find water in its most pleasant form in a water landscape of more than 1,000 m² – fed from the ‘Schönbornsprudel’ (Schönborn spring). Enjoying weightlessness in the intensive saltwater pool is a memorable experience.

KissSalis Therme Nachtaufnahme (c) KissSalis Therme Bad Kissingen

10:30 p.m
Multimedia fountain projector show

The unique mulitmedia water fountain in the 'Rosengarden' enchants with daily water choreography and periodic projector shows.

Beamer Show Raum und Zeit (c) Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH_Foto Daniel Bandke (10)