Health & Wellness

Sources in the birthplace of Vichy

The queen of the spa towns was not conceived in a day and her springs were not born from recent rain.  They have been circulating happily for centuries in the heart of our old planet.  If their virtues for the treatment of joint ailments and digestive disorders have been beneficial to many spa guests, their beneficial flow has also influenced the town planning, architecture and aesthetics of the spa town.

The Thermes ‘Les Dômes” & Callou

The Thermes 'Les Dômes' is located in the historical building and dedicated to premium medical treatment, what have been called the “1st class” in the past. The Callou opened in 1991 are both directly connected to the Mercure & Ibis hotels, allowing guests to walk through in their bathroes.  Preventive healthcare programmes are also expanding, matching today’s guest needs & requirements.

The Thermal Spa Célestins

The spa, one of the largest in Europe is connected to the 5* hotel Vichy Celestins.  It is much more focussed on “lifestyle” medicine, based on Vichy's mineral water, an approach which includes applying the Vichy Method - a global and tailored approach to health, nutrition, well-being and beauty.  The spa has a dedicated corner of Vichy Laboratories as well as anti-aging treatments from SkinCeuticals. 

Healthy cooking with Vichy Water

Vichy Célestins water, known to help the complexion and digestion, is used in cooking at several of the hotel restaurants, linked to the Vichy thermal baths.  This healthy cuisine, supervised by spa dieticians, was awarded the European Spas Association prize in 2014.   You will benefit from a more digestible cuisine that preserves minerals and is better balanced in salt thanks to the bicarbonate naturally present in Vichy Célestins water.

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Vichy Laboratoire Cosmetics

In 1931 after experimenting on the dermatological benefits of the Source Lucas, Dr Haller and Georges Guerin were the first to use thermal water in cosmetology.  The company they founded was bought by L’Oréal in 1955, and has become an internationally famous brand.  The Vichy factory, which employs over 500 people, is close to the thermal springs, and is renowned all over the world for its innovating expertise in dermocosmetics.  The Vichy brand comprises 200 products sold in 60 countries and 85 000 pharmacies.

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