Health & Wellness
Original source of well-being

The thermes of spa combine modern wellness with traditional hydrotherapy; peat baths, balneotherapy treatments, benefits conferred by drinking water, thermoludisme, and much more.

Today, wellness is where the sources of Spa spring with their secular beneficial properties.  Since 1868, water has been the sacred element of the Thermes of Spa; everywhere present in a preserved nature, it is charged by the force of the earth.  Genuine revelation of the combination between the rock, the nature and the Fagnes, this water is here the beneficial element that massages you, invigorates you, relaxes you as it once did for the greats of this world.


Thermoludisme is a recent concept within thermalism.  It combines the virtues of hydrotherapy with different water games and related activities (relaxation areas, wellness activities etc…) of a fun nature thereby offering a modern form of hydrotherapy.  Either during your day or for a visit to the thermal baths, the variety of activities combined with moments of pause allow you to better enjoy assimilate the benefits of each treatment or natural hydromassages in the baths.

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Different treatments carried out under water which particularly contribute to the blood circulation and relaxation, on the metabolism stimulation or to the beneficial effect on the skin are designated under the generic term of balneotherapy.  In Spa, long known to be a royal destination, nothing can dethrone the famous copper bathtubs, where the copper is necessary for the reaction of the carbonated bath water.

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