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A strategic position in beautiful Tuscany

Montecatini Terme is a famous destination for thermal tourism located in Tuscany, in the province of Pistoia.  Montecatini Terme is  is 50 km east of the Tirreno seacoast, 30 km from Lucca and 50 km WNW of Florence.

The town is situated on the southern edge of the north Appenine mountains, and occupies a central part of the Valdinievole valley, named after the river.

The modern spa town lies at the foot of the hill, below the old town of Montecatini Alto.

Its position, the attractions around and the accommodations offers, make it a popular tourism destination.

Medieval Montecatini Alto

The old town of Montecatini Alto is 260 meters above Montecatini Terme, reachable either by hiking on one of the different trekking paths or taking the red funicular railway. At the top there’s an amazing view of the valley and of Montecatini Terme; you can also dine in the restaurants that surround Giusti square, explore the medieval tower and the palace of the Podestà. Here too, you will find former villas built for medical use and as fine residences for spa doctors.

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Discovering the Liberty Style

Montecatini Terme has an amazing architectural and artistic heritage expressed mainly in “Liberty” or “Art Nouveau” details, with ornaments reminding us of nature and neoclassical concepts, in various parts of the city. When you are here you must look around in order to discover small fascinating and elegant elements: colonnaded galleries, coloured windows, maiolicas and fountains located inside the thermal baths or in the architectural buildings, and along the promenades.

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Caves Experience

The nearby  Monsummano Terme, is also famous for thermal springs and buildings. Here the “Giusti Cave”, an underground stone gallery with temperatures ranging from 28°C to 34°C, is one of the most important attractions and is now managed as a thermal resort with hotel rooms and spa services.

On the way to Montecatini Alto there’s the “Maona Cave”, a natural cave with a constant temperature of 15 C°. It’s not used in a spa context, like the Giusti Cave, but it’s possible to have a guided tour of the interior.

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Villages of Valdinievole

Montecatini Terme is located in the Valdinievole area, between Lucca and Pistoia.  On the surrounding hills, there are many other medieval villages (“Borghi” in Italian) and castles, such as the Borgo a Buggiano, Chiesina Uzzanese, Monsummano Terme, Larciano, and Pescia.  Discover an interesting tourist itinerary to explore the first settlements of this area, among a natural landscape rich in woods, olive trees and vineyards.

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Fucecchio Marsh

The Fuecchio Marsh is a natural reserve of 1800 hectares between the province of Pistoia and Florence, about 20 minutes from the centre of Montecatini. There are a lot of plants and birds species (especially herons and storks), making this area perfect for a moment of connection with the peace of nature. You can hike or choose a bicycle tour; there are also guided excursions of historical and natural interest. At sunset it’s particularly beautiful when the sky’s colors reflect themselves in the marsh water.

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Collodi District

Close to the town of Pescia there's the district of Collodi, a small medieval town famous for the story of Pinocchio, written by Carlo Lorenzini, who choose the name “Collodi” as a pseudonym.

Here you can find the famous villa and Garzoni Garden, where the writer of Pinocchio spent his childhood and was inspired to write the novel.

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