Health & Wellness

The place for health: Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden was founded more than two centuries ago and has always held strong appeal for those looking to relax and reconnect with themselves. Small but thriving and impressively cosmopolitan, this German gem is brimming with life’s most precious resources in their optimum forms: clean water, natural light, flourishing earth and fresh air. Over the years, Baden-Baden has evolved into an ever-popular destination, enchanting travelers with its extraordinary hot springs, sublime spas and lush nature.

Sanus per aquam

In short: SPA! Baden-Baden promotes wellness thanks to its curative thermal waters that bubble upwards from twelve springs at a depth of about 2,000 metres under the earth. They push out roughly 800,000 litres a day, at temperatures of as much as 68°C. The water’s minerals and other constituents possess an all-around healing effect and Baden-Baden’s springs produce the hottest and most mineral-rich water in all of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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The modern Caracalla Spa

The modern Caracalla Spa, in the heart of Baden-Baden, offers wellness and relaxation on a heavenly scale. Relax between marble columns and immerse yourself in tempting turquoise blue pools. 12 natural springs rise from depths of around 6,500 feet and provide an unforgettable bathing experience in this 4000 square foot glass temple. A romantic hot and cold rock grotto, bubbling whirlpools, waterfalls, counter-current pools and massaging water jets will guarantee a unique feeling of well-being.

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The historic Friedrichsbad

The Friedrichsbad lets you soak up classic Roman bath culture combined with Irish hot-air baths in a special healing circuit encompassing 17 different stations. The varying temperatures and the valuable thermal water used in the different types of baths have a beneficial effect on both body and mind. The building, built in Renaissance style, was considered the most modern bathhouse in Europe when it opened in 1877 and has lost none of its charm and atmosphere ever since.

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Medicine: state-of-the art with a heart

In Baden-Baden, being “properly treated“ has a long tradition. Whether we use conventional medical methods or recognised natural therapies, the well-being of the whole person is at the forefront of everything we do. Naturally, the clinics and medical spas of Baden-Baden are equipped with all the latest technology and handled by the most extensively trained, people-oriented professionals in the entire health sector.

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Villa Stéphanie

The jewel among the spas in Baden-Baden is the Villa Stéphanie, part of the Five-Star superior Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa. The luxury private spa is a mansion solely devoted to the individual’s spa experience. It is also known as “House of Wellbeing” and all is about beauty, detox & nutrition, emotional balance and medical care. In Baden-Baden, being “properly treated” has a long tradition. Whether it is preventative or rehabilitation medicine or a medical check-up, the well-being of the whole person is at the forefront of every treatment.

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