A perfect day in Spa

Here are our ideas for you to create an unforgettable day in Spa.

10 a.m.
Stroll around nature in the "Fagne de Malchamps"

Start your Spa day with a breath of fresh air.  The « Fagne of Malchamps » is a wonderful place to take a stroll around our beautiful natural surroundings.  You will even find the Tower of « Bérinzenne » to give you an exceptional panoramic view.

11.1 Perfect day 1 - Fagne de Malchamps c Pixel Prod

11 a.m.
Discover the superb collections related to the history of Spa at the Museums of the water city

Located in the former Royal Villa, residence of Queen Marie-Henriette, the Museums of the Water City welcome you to discover the beautiful collections related to the history of Spa.

1 p.m.
Lunch break at « La Bobeline »

Come and visit the « Brasserie des Bobelines », located in the centre of Spa, in a historic 19th century building, where Bobelins and Bobelines, aristocratic and bourgeois, came to have fun during their stay.

2 p.m.
Discover the Thermal Heritage by « train »

Board the little tourist train which travels from source to source, taking you to Nivezé and the Route des Fontaines.  Our guide will also talk about heritage: the old British Hotel, and the 1900-style villas.

11.1 Perfect day 4 - Petit train c Pixel Prod

4 p.m.
Go up the hill on the panoramic funicular

A funicular with panoramic views connects the city centre to « Annette et Lubin » hill where the new thermal centre is located.  The funicular and the spa offer you a splendid view of the city.

11.1 Perfect day 5 - Funiculaire  c Thermes de Spa

4:30 p.m.
Enjoy wellness at the Thermes of Spa

No Spa day is complete without.... a spa.  So after enjoying the magnificent panoramic view outside, come inside and enjoy the well-being offered by the Thermes of Spa.

11.1 Perfect day 6 - Thermes c Thermes de Spa

7 p.m.
Stroll around our city centre park

This park in the city centre of Spa is called the « Parc des 7 heures ».  There is no better time than 7 p.m. to stroll around it and discover its nature and its many historical monuments.

11.1 Perfect day 7 - Parc de 7 Heures c Pixel Prod

8 p.m.
Dinner in a Villa from Spa (Restaurant Le Grand Maur)

In Spa, you will find a magnificent architectural heritage. Some people have taken advantage of this and have developed their restaurants in former historic villas.  The « Grand Maur » is one of those places.

11.1 Perfect day 8 - Villa San Antonio c Pixel Prod

10 p.m.
Enjoy one of the oldest Casinos in the world

The Casino of Spa, built in 1763, is one of the oldest casinos in the world. It still welcomes visitors daily and guarantees some memorable nights.

11.0 Casino complex c Guy Focant