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You must see and experience this when you come to Montecatini Terme

1. Tettuccio Thermal Baths

An amazing palatial thermal complex, whose springs have therapeutic properties.

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2. Excelsior Thermal Baths

Originally it hosted the Excelsior Casino, now it’s a wellness centre offering a range of different spa treatments.

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3. Regina Thermal Baths

Set inside the Tettuccio park, this spa complex was built in travertine, in Neo Renaissance style.

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4. “La Cialda

Come to taste this typical waffle, known as “Cialda”, maybe with some ice cream or special dessert wine.

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5. Verdi Theatre

The main place for artistic and music events in town, named after the great musician Giuseppe Verdi.

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6. Town Hall

The Town Hall was built in 1920 by the architect Raffaello Brizzi. The interior features some of Galileo Chini’s  works of art: some paintings, illustrating the good governance and two polychromatic glass windows on the ceilings).

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The Town Hall, Montecatini Terme

7. Mo.C.A
( Montecatini Contemporary Art)

A gallery for contemporary art which opened in December 2012, inside the Town Hall.

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8. Tamerici Thermal Baths

The Tamerici Thermal Baths are named after the trees that used to grow nearby the ancient spring water discovered in 1843 by the Schmitz family, the land owners.

Today they have been re-opened for visits and cultural events thanks to a non-profit cultural association.  Don't miss the amazing "Pouring salon" inside the baths, decorated by Galielo Chini’s polychromatic panels.

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Chini ceramics at the Tamerici Thermal Baths

9. Funicular Railway

With its average gradient of 12%, it’s the most original way to reach Montecatini Alto.

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10. Montecatini Alto

This small village, with its medieval origins, is the "crown” of Montecatini Terme.

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