Tips & Inspiration
Our Top 10 

1. Tasting carbo-gaseous water

Russian Tsar Peter the Great came to Spa to take the cure.

2. Drive the Fontaine Tour

A great classic from the nineteenth century, a tour including stops at each of the springs.

3. Experience a carbo-gaseous bath

The copper baths of the Thermes of Spa hosted prestigious guests, and are in use today.  Thousands of tiny bubbles cling to the skin, and leave it soft and purified.  

4. Explore the therapeutic spa landscape

Follow the footsteps of the 19th century curists along the picturesque man-made pathways.

5. Discover the history of Spa

Spa Story: discover places, events and figures that have contributed to the history of Spa and its success.

6. Gambling activities at the Casino

The Casino of Spa, built in 1763, is one of the oldest casinos in the world.  It still welcomes visitors daily and guarantees quite memorable nights.

7. Thrills guaranteed for speed buffs at Circuit de Spa Francorchamps

As a historic thermal town, it was essential to provide a series of entertainment facilities for guests in Spa.  This is how the Spa Francorchamps racing track was born.

8. The Fens, where the spa water is born

Protected since early times, explore the fens, the principal catchment area for the famous spa water.

9. The panoramic funicular, impressive view

A panoramic funicular connects the city centre to the « Annette et Lubin » hill, where the new thermal centre is located.  The funicular and the spa offer a splendid view of the city.

10. Laundry Museum, amazing discovery

This museum shows the flip side of being a thermal town .. Laundry!  The rooms of this unusual museum evoke the evolution of the washing techniques from Antiquity to present times.  This visit will amaze you!

A perfect day in Spa