Karlovy Vary

Water is at the heart of Karlovy Vary, and from the river Teplá, meaning warm, and the steaming spring geyser rising several metres into the air, the power of the iron-rich hot water is evident everywhere.  Many colonnades where spring water is drunk in special cups can be found next to the river as it winds its way through the colourful buildings of the town, and you can always find a sweet round wafer to eat too!  Famous visitors came in their droves in the past, to the casino and the grand hotels and today the International Film Festival, as well as the iconic Becherovka liquer made with mineral water ensure that Karlovy Vary's fame is assured.  Not to be missed is a trip up the hill via funicular railway to see the spectacular views from the lookout towers and gloriettes, followed by a "thermal coffee" or a trip to one of the find restaurants in town.