Health & Wellness

Looking for somewhere to recharge flat batteries and soothe body and soul?  Marienbad’s spa hotels offer the widest selection of wellness procedures which often make use of the forty mineral-rich springs that rise in and around the town.  Combine this with a sub-alpine climate and wild nature that envelops the spa zone and you have the ideal destination for those seeking relief from various ailments as well as those looking to simply unwind.

A Breath of Fresh Air!

One of the most common health issues that brings people to Marienbad is respiratory disease and this has been true for many decades.  The cool, pristine air of the Slavkovský Forest, combined with mineral water and experienced doctors, are a blend that makes Marienbad one of the best places in central Europe for those suffering with respiratory issues.

Immunity Boost

Staying at one of Marienbad’s spa hotels is a superb way to boost your immunity.  Having arrived in the tranquillity of the spa, you will quickly feel everyday cares fall away as the crisp, sub-alpine air enters your lungs.  Head to one of the town’s many springs where the mineral-rich water will restore your body’s balance.  All of these factors have an immunity-boosting effect and you will leave rested, restored and ready for what the world has to throw at you.

The Joys of Springs

Marienbad’s true wealth and its raison d’etre are its highly mineralised springs that rise up in forty places within the town and in a further sixty in the wider area.  The chemical composition of the water makes it suitable for treating a wide spectrum of ailments.  From the Cross Spring that rises in the very centre of the spa, to the Antonín Spring in the south, you could spend weeks discovering the tastes and sensations provided by these health-giving waters.