The top ten tips and inspiration in Mariánské Lázně.

Tips & Inspiration
Our Top 10

You must see and experience these places when you come to Mariánské Lázně!

1. Main Colonnade

The symbol of Marienbad, the elegantly curvaceous Art Nouveau colonnade is a top attraction.

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2. The Singing Fountain

A fascinating 1980s addition to the spa zone, now one of the town’s most popular attractions.  Enjoy performance of popular and classical music throughout the day.

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3. Cross Spring Colonnade 

Drinking pavilion on the site of the original spa house.

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4. Karolina Spring

The water bubbles up under the old colonnade beneath the church and was originally called the New Spring.

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Ulf Klimke - 09. Mariánské Lázně

5. Ambrose Spring

Put a healthy glow in your cheeks at the 'Spring of Love'.

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6. Town Museum

Get the lowdown on Marienbad’s illustrious past and famous visitors at the Town Museum. 

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7. Roman Catholic Church 

This large, octagonal church dominates Marienbad’s main square.

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8. Cable Car

An unforgettable experience for the whole family.  

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9. Fairytale Sculpture Garden

Find a trail showcasing traditional fairy tale figures carved from sandstone in the park in front of the hotel Krakonoš.

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10. Boheminium

View the Czech Republic’s major attractions in miniature, and make friends with some miniature ponies too! 

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