Welcome in the City of Bath

City of Bath
Georgian Spa City

City of Bath is held to be one of the earliestand most profoundly influential ‘Great Spas’.From a medieval walled city around its centralcluster of hot springs, the grand ‘GeorgianSpa’ was created during the eighteenth centurywhen frequently visited by Royalty and higharistocracy. Bath doctors pioneered diagnosticmedicine based on its mineral waters,and the surrounding landscape was managedas part of ‘the cure’. Dedicated to leisure,pleasure and high-fashion, ‘Masters of theCeremony’ devised and policed the ‘Rules ofBath’, a model for continental spas. Architecturalspa prototypes were pioneered, and Bathcontributed to the creation of a polite society,helping to shape European democratic traditionsand ideals. Distinguished by iconic spa buildings,exceptional Georgian town planning, Palladianarchitectural ensembles, crescents and squares,Bath has managed its hot springsfor 2000 years. Today, it is sustainedas a living spa, its bathingfunctions enhanced by originalrefurbishments and new additions.